About Me

I’ m involved with painting since I can remember myself. In fact colors were my first “toys” even before I had learned how to walk.

A little earlier than my teenage years I studied drawing and colors getting to know the “Old Masters”.

Since then I had a route in several artist studios such as “ Hagios Ierotheos School of Hagiography” , “Artist Studio Kallithea” and last but not least my collaboration  with the painter Nikolaos Pissas based in Piraeus, 2002 -2005.

In 2004  I was accepted in the National School of Antiquity and Piece of Art Restoration.

At that period of time my first exhibition took place.

In the meantime I also took part in multiple group exhibitions as an Unesco and PELTE member.

From 2013 and on I decided to test the potential of my own artistic view in National and International level with several distinctions and a scholarship from BORGIAS fine art and culture academy in 2016.

I maintain my art studio in Pireaus , close to the sea, a source of inner” Catharsis’ and inspiration.